Awards Ceremony for the 33rd Ehime Shimbun Primary School Book Report Contest Held


 The awards ceremony for the 33rd Ehime Shimbun Primary School Book Report Contest, for which Taiyo Oil is a special sponsor, was held.

 The contest is hosted by the Ehime Shimbun with the aim of supporting Japanese language education for elementary school students, and this year marked the 11th year of Taiyo Oil’s sponsoring the event.

 Each year, many book reports are received from elementary schools and individuals of Ehime Prefecture, and some have been written as part of homework for summer vacation. This year, 20,433 entries were received, and out of these, a total of 36 were awarded with prizes, consisting of 1 top prize, 5 special prizes, 12 excellence prizes, and 18 honorable mention awards.

 On this occasion, the contest’s top prize, the Taiyo Oil SOLATO Award, went to a brilliant book report entitled “Falling in Love with Living” by Toma Okazaki, a sixth-grade student of Matsuyama Municipal Misake Elementary School. Toma read Kimi no Machi de (In Your Town) (written by Kiyoshi Shigematsu), and, while considering the persons affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, he expressed the idea that, “the present is connected with the future so one has the responsibility to live life with great enthusiasm.”

 Taiyo Oil Executive Officer Mamoru Watanabe, who served as the presenter of the top prize, provided words of encouragement to the children, saying, “The book reports of everyone here today have been selected from among more than 20,000 entries, so all of them are excellent. Please accept your prizes with a sense of pride, and read a lot of books and enter the contest once again next year.”

 With the aim to raising upstanding leaders for the future, Taiyo Oil will continue to support projects of this kind as part of its CSR activities in Ehime Prefecture, where the company’s Shikoku Operations is located.

Outline of awards ceremony


 December 5, 2021 (Sunday), 2:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.


 Tokyo Dai-ichi Hotel Matsuyama (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)


 Approximately 110 attendees (award winners and their families)

Approximately 110 attendees (award winners and their families)

Group photo

Presenting of Taiyo Oil SOLATO Award

(Toma was not present so a teacher from Misake Elementary School received the award on his behalf.)

Commemorative photograph of prizewinner holding award certificate at photo booth

Celebrating winning of prize together with SOLATO-kun and Sorahitsuji