Taiyo Oil gives donation list to Nishihara-cho


At the end of March this year, Taiyo Oil gave donations to the “Nishihara-cho COVID-19 Cooperation Fund” and the “Nishihara-cho Hometown Development Donation”for Nishihara-cho in Okinawa Prefecture, where Nansei Sekiyu K.K. is located.

A related presentation ceremony was recently held at Nishihara-cho Town Hall at which Nansei Sekiyu President Osamu Murakami, on behalf of Taiyo Oil, gave Nishihara-cho a donation list. Nishihara-cho Mayor Seishu Sakihara expressed the town’s appreciation, stating, “I can strongly sense that Taiyo Oil is passionate aboutengaging in activities together with regions and local communities.  We shall use the donations that we received on this occasion to support the lives of our residents.”

The “Nishihara-cho COVID-19 Cooperation Fund” is used for the distribution disinfectants and masks to facilities and so on that need such items to prevent the spread of the infectious disease COVID-19, and for assistance regarding persons who have been impacted by the related sudden economic downturn.
Furthermore, this fund is used for initiatives such as the foodbank project of Nishihara-cho (a project for distributing food free of charge).
On this occasion, the donation to this fund was given under the names of both Taiyo Oil and Nansei Sekiyu K.K.

Meanwhile, the donation to the “Nishihara-cho Hometown Development Donation” is being used exclusively to cover the purchasing of books and so on for the “Taiyo Oil SOLATO Library*,” which was established in FY2017.

Taiyo Oil extends its deepest sympathies to the people who have been affected by the infectious disease COVID-19 and sincerely hopes that the crisis quickly comes to an end.

*The “Taiyo Oil SOLATO Library”
 serves as a means for the purchasing of books for libraries that have been established by Nishihara-cho.
 The books that have been purchased with donations from Taiyo Oil feature a sticker that shows the Taiyo Oil character SOLATO-kun.

Overview of the presentation ceremony


 April 7 (Thu.), 2022


 Nishihara-cho Town Hall


 Nishihara-cho Mayor Seishu Sakihara

 Taiyo Oil representative  Nansei Sekiyu K.K. President & CEO Osamu Murakami

Scene from the presentation ceremony

(From the left: Nansei Sekiyu President Osamu Murakami and Nishihara-cho Mayor Seishu Sakihara)

Taiyo Oil SOLATO Library