Taiyo Oil supports regional contribution activities of Ehime Mandarin Pirates


On December 10 (Tue.), 2019, players from the Ehime Mandarin Pirates of the Shikoku Island League visited an elementary school in Imabari City, where Shikoku Operations of Taiyo Oil is located, in order to carry out “Elementary School Attendance Protection Team” activities.
The “Elementary School Attendance Protection Team” consists of players from the Mandarin Pirates who aim to visit 50 elementary schools in Ehime Prefecture per year in order to carry out “school attendance protection activities” such as “giving guidance on traffic safety” and “engaging in greetings.” These activities were started last year, and the ultimate goal is to visit all of the approximately 280 elementary schools in the prefecture within a few years.
All of the elementary schools that are visited are given crosswalk-safety flags and banners printed with the Taiyo Oil brand character SOLATO-kun and the Ehime Mandarin Pirates character “Mappy,” in the hope that these items can help support safety guidance for children as they commute to and from school on a day-to-day basis.
Furthermore, in the afternoon of the same day, a nursery school near Shikoku Operations was visited, and “More Baseball Project” activities were carried out under the guidance of Coach Kawahara and three players from the Mandarin Pirates. SOLATO-kun also attended to cheer on the children, and thus these activities were brimming with excitement.
In the “More Baseball Project” activities, the Mandarin Pirates coach and players teach children at kindergartens and nursery schools in Ehime Prefecture about how to throw balls and the enjoyment of ball games. On the day of the activities, the participants engaged in tee batting, catch ball, and throwing at targets (strikeouts). The children, some of whom succeeded in hitting the target while others did not, were very expressive and all looked cute as they took turns throwing the ball. The participating children were given original colored balls.
As part of our social contribution programs, Taiyo Oil will continue to hold such events to support the rich spiritual development of children who will be responsible for the next generation.

Elementary School Attendance Protection Team

December 10, 2019 (Tuesday), 7:20 – 7:50 a.m.

Location visited: Imabari City Kikuma Elementary School

Participating players

・Tomoki Nagashima (pitcher)
・Chikara Iida (catcher)

More Baseball Project

December 10, 2019 (Tuesday), 13:30 – 14:30 p.m.

Location visited: Imabari City Kameoka Nursery School (combination of Kikuma Nursery School and Hinokuchi Nursery School)

Participating players

・ Junichi Kawahara (coach)
・Yuji Fukuda (pitcher)
・Tomoki Nagashima (pitcher)
・Chikara Iida (catcher)

  • Scene from morning greeting activities

  • Scene from strikeout game

  • The tee batting experience