Initiatives regarding compliance

Initiatives regarding compliance

Basic Policy on the Development of Internal Control Systems

We at Taiyo Oil established our “Basic Policy on the Development of Internal Control Systems” in 2018, and have been operating based on this while incorporating appropriate revisions. This policy calls for members of the board, auditors, executive officers, and employees to observe laws and ordinances and our articles of incorporation, and engage in actions in line with the corporate action guidelines and employee code of conduct that our company has set forth. Furthermore, we have built systems that promote compliance education centering on our General Affairs Department CSR Promotion Group.

Establishment of employee code of conduct

Based on our “corporate philosophy” and “corporate action guidelines,” we have established an employee code of conduct that specifically states the rules that all employees must follow, and the actions that they should strive to carry out.
In addition, we have created guidebooks and portable cards that show the employee code of conduct, and have been distributing these to all employees so that the contents are well-known. Also, we have developed systems that make it possible for questions to be answered at any time.

Compliance & Risk Management Committee

Twice a year, we hold meetings of our Compliance & Risk Management Committee, which has our president & CEO and its committee chairman. This committee examines basic policies and important promotion issues related to compliance & risk management, and supervises the compliance activities of our company and our group companies.

Establishment of consultation counter

Our company has established an employee consultation counter (commonly referred to as the Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. “Help Line”) for employees of our company and our group companies with the objective of enabling consultation regarding compliance and the reporting of dishonest acts and so on, and we operate this in an appropriate and flexible manner.

Compliance education

Our company implements various types of education with the aim of cultivating the compliance awareness of all employees including executives.


Our company proactively implements compliance education making use of e-learning. We carry out education regarding our “employee code of conduct” and the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” for all employees when they join the company, and thus employees acquire the knowledge that they must have for working at Taiyo Oil.
Furthermore, we regularly implement compliance education targeting employees, including those of our group companies, and by doing so, we work to entrench correct knowledge and deepen awareness.

Delivering e-mail magazine and contributing to company newsletter

Once a month, we deliver the “Taiyo Oil Compliance E-mail Magazine,” which includes news and case studies regarding compliance.
Furthermore, we have been providing education that makes use of various types of media, and this has included setting up a corner in our company newsletter (which is issued four times a year) that is entitled “Taiyo Oil Compliance Communications.” This corner delves into, and provides explanations regarding themes that are related to compliance.

Compliance Strengthening Month

In line with the corporate ethics month established by the Japan Business Federation, we have made October of each year our company’s “Compliance Strengthening Month,” and have thus been strengthening our educational activities.

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