Taiyo Oil holds "workshop on responding to disasters for SS" and "training session on gathering information during disasters for SS"


Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd. has carried out a “workshop on responding to disasters for SS” and a “training session on gathering information during disasters for SS” in order to enhance the ability of its service stations (SS) to respond to emergencies such as massive earthquakes.
Taiyo Oil has formulated BCP for its supply chain envisioning Nankai Trough Earthquake and Tokyo Inland Earthquake, anticipating local needs so that it can steadily supply petroleum products even when disasters occur.
The company has been carrying out a variety of initiatives so that its supply chain can be maintained and its SS can play the role of regional energy-supply bases and serve as “last strongholds” when large-scale disasters occur, and these initiatives include making efforts, and holding workshop-type training in order to create “SS that can handle disasters,” developing information-gathering systems for affiliated SS, and preparing tools for SS related to management during disasters.
During the workshop on this occasion, classroom lectures on advance preparations, responses at disaster-affected sites, and so on, were combined with practical training regarding the operation of information-gathering systems for SS. Meanwhile, the training session involved using information-gathering systems for affiliated SS in order to actually provide reports on the status of disaster impact, business operations, and inventories. Affiliated SS participated in the training session, and the company succeeded in confirming the effectiveness of its systems and identifying future challenges.
Based on the workshop and training session on this occasion, Taiyo Oil will make efforts to further enhance its disaster-response capabilities going forward.

<Overview of workshop on responding to disasters for SS>

Dates and Venues    

  • November 1          Aichi      
  • November 5          Fukushima         
  • November 12        Ehime   
  • November 13        Hiroshima          
  • November 14        Kumamoto          
  • November 15        Osaka    

Content of workshop

  1. Preparations for large-scale disasters to carry out during normal times
  2. Initial responses to carry out when disasters occur (floods and earthquakes)           
  3. Actions to carry out for the protection of facilities during disasters
  4. Simulation of how to respond disasters (group discussions)
  5. How to use SS information-gathering systems

Number of workshop participants: 104

<Overview of training session on gathering information during disasters for SS>   

Date and time        

November 21, 2019  Thurs. 

Drill Details

〔Envisioned details〕<Shikoku region>

  • Envisioned earthquake: Nankai Trough Earthquake
  • Date and time of occurrence: 1:30 p.m., November 21 (Thu.), 2019
  • Shindo seismic intensity level: 7 in Kochi Prefecture, and 6-lower in Ehime Prefecture Chuyo area, and a broad swathe covering Kagawa Prefecture, and various areas of Tokushima Prefecture

〔Envisioned details〕<Outside of Shikoku region>

  •  Envisioning earthquakes across wide area where bases are located (shindo 6-lower)            
  1. The SS information-gathering systems are activated, and e-mails calling for reports are sent to the terminals of affiliated dealers and SS that have been registered in advance.             
  2. E-mail receivers promptly register their information related to the status of disaster impact, business operations, and inventories, etc. on the SS information-gathering systems.
  3. At the Headquarters, the status of all SS is checked using the SS information-gathering systems, and a status report is given to the BCP Headquarters Secretariat.
  4. It is envisioned that some SS that have given status reports require the dispatching of personnel for assistance. The Headquarters calls upon Taiyo Oil sales bases nationwide for the urgent dispatching of personnel to SS in affected areas.Routes and travel times to SS in affected areas are recorded. 

Number of participants and SS in training session

Number of training session participants: 479

Number of training session SS: 296 (participation rate of affiliated SS: about 90%)

  • Scene from holding of workshop