Holding of 66th Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest


This year, Taiyo Oil cosponsored the 66th Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest, which was organized by Yamaguchi Shimbun, as it has done regarding this contest in the past.

 Primary school pupils in the prefecture were invited to submit drawings of animals from zoos in Yamaguchi: Akiyoshidai Safari Land in Mine City, Tokiwa Zoo in Ube City, and Tokuyama Zoo in Shunan City. The aim of the contest was to develop the sensibilities and expressiveness of children by having them observe and draw animals.

 This year, the award ceremony was canceled in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Out of the 806 entries, a total of 137 were awarded with prizes, consisting of 16 special prizes, 20 gold prizes, 34 silver prizes, and 67 honorable mentions.

 Among the special prizes, the drawing that won the Taiyo Oil SOLATO Prize was made by Yui Omosu, a pupil of Nishinoura Nursery School in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This drawing vivaciously depicts a feeling of true surprise regarding how large a giraffe was, and it is a powerful work that seems as though it can embolden people of all ages including adults.

 This year, in order to make it possible for children to view the winning works, a poster was created that shows the 16 works that won special prizes, and these were given to the elementary schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools that had a prize winner. Furthermore, these posters have been put on display at the participating zoos, and at the Taiyo Oil-affiliated service stations (SOLATO service stations) in Yamaguchi Prefecture, so visitors to these locations are encouraged to take a look.

 Taiyo Oil will continue to support projects that aim to bring up upstanding future leaders from today’s youth as part of its CSR activities in Yamaguchi Prefecture where Yamaguchi Operations is located.

Contest Overview (Reference)


 66th Yamaguchi Prefecture Primary School Pupils Animal Drawing Contest


 Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Tokiwa Zoo, Shunan City Tokuyama Zoo, and Yamaguchi Shimbun


 Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.


 Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Yamaguchi Prefecture,

 Yamaguchi Prefecture Board of Education, Mine City, Ube City, Shunan City, etc.

Special sponsor

 Sakura Color Products Corporation

Qualification requirements

 Elementary school students and young children of Yamaguchi Prefecture

Participation method

  Submission of entry to Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Tokiwa Zoo, or Shunan City Tokuyama Zoo

 by September 7 (Sun.), 2020

  • Poster showing winning works

  • Work that won Taiyo Oil SOLATO Prize