Certificate of Appreciation from Ehime University


~ For Annual Endowment to the University of the 10 Million Yen "Taiyo Oil Scholarship" ~

  This is to announce that Taiyo Oil (CEO, Yutaka Oka) has been presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the national university, Ehime University, for the company's contribution in March 2020 to the Ehime University Fund.

 Since 2019, Taiyo Oil has made an annual endowment of 10 million yen to the university as part of its social contribution activities. The university uses the money as base funding for its Taiyo Oil Scholarship and is currently inviting applications for the awarding of the 2021 scholarship in this the scholarship's third year.

  The scholarship was initiated with the aim of creating a supportive environment for students by reducing the financial burden on them. Selected students receive 500,000 yen towards the cost of their tuition fees. Taiyo Oil is committed to providing ongoing support for the nurturing of human resources of the future, who can lead the way, with a focus on Ehime prefecture, which is where the Shikoku Operations are based.

Contribution Overview

 Annual contribution of 10 million yen for five year (2019-2023), for a total of 50 million yen.

Taiyo Oil Scholarship Overview

  1. Eligible Recipients: Third-year students of Ehime University (or fifth-year students in the case of the medical department), and first-year post-graduate students (masters and preliminary doctoral students)
  2. Term of Scholarship: 1 year
  3. Amount of Scholarship: 500,000 yen per person (or 250,000 yen for night students)
  4. Number of recipients: up to 20 (engineering students; 10 each from other departments)
  5. Selection method: Decision made comprehensively, based on academic results, household income, and a submitted essay.

 *N.B. Details of the Taiyo Oil Scholarship were publicized in a press release on March 27, 2019.

Certificate of Appreciation