Taiyo Oil donates money-collection correspondence bags to nursery schools, kindergartens, and elementary schools in Ehime and Yamaguchi prefectures


~ Donation of total of 53,350 correspondence bags for collecting money for expenses and distributing documents ~

 Taiyo Oil (President & CEO: Yutaka Oka) has donated a total of 53,350 Taiyo Oil-original “money-collection correspondence bags” to nursery schools, kindergartens, and elementary schools in Ehime Prefecture and Yamaguchi Prefecture where offices of the company are located.

 The company has been carrying out this donation activity on an annual basis since FY2016 as part of its regional contribution efforts, and thus this year marks the sixth year of the activity. At the schools, the donated “money-collection correspondence bags” are not only being used for collecting money for expenses such as teaching material fees and field-trip costs, but also a wide range of applications such as distributing documents while taking care to maintain privacy. Each year the teachers of the schools provide extensive words of praise and appreciation to Taiyo Oil regarding the activity.

 Going forward, Taiyo Oil will continue to support the education of the children of local communities in Ehime Prefecture and Yamaguchi Prefecture who will carry the future.

Overview of donation

Ehime PrefectureYamaguchi Prefecture
Kindergartens (70 schools) 12,850 bags Kindergartens (46 schools) 6,600 bags
Nursery schools (147 schools) 18,000 bags Nursery schools (88 schools) 11,750 bags
Elementary schools (18 schools) 2,200 bags Elementary schools (10 schools) 1,950 bags

Total of 53,350 bags

Donated money-collection correspondence bags

  • Photographs of Taiyo Oil’s sponsorship activities for children are shown on the front side.

Comments from teachers (excerpt)

Thank you for sending the bags each year.

We use them for collecting money for the overtime childcare and eurhythmics classes of pupils. One of the things we look forward to is seeing the design on the back, which changes each year.

We have a large number of pupils, so your providing us with the money-collection bags free of charge is a big help.

We hope to be able to receive your ongoing support in the future.
Thank you for your constant support. We use the money-collection bags with regard to school lunch fees each year. We hope to receive your ongoing support. Thank you for consistently donating the money-collection bags to us. They are a big help. We intend to use them again next year, so hope to receive your ongoing support.