Taiyo Oil forms tie-up with Imabari. Yume Sports K.K. regarding projects for raising next-generation children


 Taiyo Oil has decided to form a partnership with Imabari. Yume Sports K.K., which handles the operation of FC Imabari and so on, with the objective of carrying out projects for raising next-generation children.

 At an agreement ceremony held on April 15 (Thu.), Taiyo Oil confirmed that it will sponsor the “Shimanami Outdoor School,” which carries of outdoor-experience education activities, and receives special sponsorship from Imabari. Yume Sports. During the present fiscal year, the school is scheduled to carry out the program described below.

 Going forward, Taiyo Oil will continue to explore various initiatives with Imabari. Yume Sports in regions centering on Imabari City where Shikoku Operations is located, in fields such as projects for raising next-generation children and regional contribution activities.

  • Scene from agreement ceremony
    (right: Senior Vice President Shinji Nakayama,
    left: President & CEO Masafumi Yano, Imabari. Yume Sports K.K.)

  • Taiyo Oil logo for sponsorship program activities

Overview of program


 Taiyo Oil Presents Shimanami Kids

 (Special sponsor: Imabari. Yume Sports K.K.; sponsor: Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.;
 supporters: Imabari City, Imabari City Board of Education, and Imabari City PTA Federation)


 Cultivating a challenge-oriented mindset, communication skills, and awareness regarding the natural environment through outdoor-experience activities in areas centering on Imabari City


 5/22 (Sat.) Survival school ~ Aiming to reach uninhabited island with raft ~

 8/21 (Sat.) Mountain-stream school ~ Apprenticeship with ayu sweetfish fishermen! ~

 11/13 (Sat.) Fall-mountain school ~ Aiming to climb tallest mountain in Imabari Mt. Narabara ~

Application information

 Information is provided through a website and flyers distributed to elementary schools in Imabari City, etc.

 Website: https://note.com/shimanami/m/m412e368514ee

 Note) The scheduled program may be changed in light of circumstances regarding the infectious disease COVID-19, etc.