Taiyo Oil receives letter of appreciation from Ehime Prefecture


 At the end of March this year, Taiyo Oil contributed relief money for the “July 2018 heavy-rain disaster” and donation money for “the support fund for measures against the infectious disease COVID-19” to Ehime Prefecture where the company’s Shikoku Operations is located.

 A related presentation ceremony was recently held at the Ehime Prefectural Office at which Shikoku Operations General Manager Takakazu Matsuura gave Ehime Prefecture a donation list. Ehime Prefecture Governor Tokihiro Nakamura provided a letter of appreciation to Taiyo Oil and thanked the company for the donation, saying, “We understand your sentiment regarding the measures against COVID-19 and the heavy rains in western Japan, and will utilize the money responsibly.”

 Taiyo Oil sincerely hopes that the regions affected by the heavy-rain disaster recover as soon as possible and that the situation regarding the infectious disease COVID-19 quickly comes to an end.

Overview of the presentation ceremony


 April 23 (Fri.), 2021


 Ehime Prefectural Office


 Tokihiro Nakamura, Ehime Prefectural Governor

 Takakazu Matsuura. Taiyo Oil   Senior Vice President & Shikoku Operations General Manager
 Yuichi Watanabe, General Manager, General Affairs Department, Shikoku Operations

Scene from the presentation ceremony

  • From the left: Governor Tokihiro Nakamura,
    Shikoku Operations General Manager Takakazu Matsuura,
    General Affairs Department General Manager Yuichi Watanabe