Sponsorship of "Kids Cooking Battle Presented by Taiyo Oil"


Cooking event for pairs of elementary school children with theme of “original bento boxed meals”

 “Kids Cooking Battle Presented by Taiyo Oil,” a cooking event for elementary school children sponsored by Yamaguchi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd., was held on August 1 (Sun.).

 This project has been held during summer break each year since 2016 in the hope of teaching the children of Yamaguchi Prefecture, where Taiyo Oil’s Yamaguchi Operations is located, about the enjoyment of cooking and the importance & enjoyment of eating.

 This year, the six year of the event, the food theme was “original bento boxed meals that bring smiles to the faces of the whole family.” This was based on the fact that the need for boxed meals has increased due to the COVID-19 crisis since people are spending more time at home and have fewer opportunities to eat out. Recipes for bento boxed meals independently created by children were received, and after a careful screening, four winning teams consisting of pairs of elementary school children were selected. These teams advanced the “Final Stage,” a final round of competition in which skills and quality are tested by actually cooking the dishes.

 On the day of the “Final Stage,” Taiyo Oil Executive Officer Hideo Kumon, who is the General Manager of Yamaguchi Operations, offered remarks on behalf of the sponsor Taiyo Oil, and the judges, including Hideharu Muraoka, Head Chef of Tonkou Chinese Restaurant, were introduced. Following this, the Taiyo Oil brand character SOLATO-kun signaled the start of the “Cooking Battle” using a flag. The pairs of elementary school children who made it to this round then worked together to cook and serve their dish within a time limit of 60 minutes.

 The dishes were carefully assessed based on taste testing, and assignments of scores by the judges regarding the cooking, and the winners of four awards, including the “Taiyo Oil SOLATO Award,” the highest award, and the “SOLATO-kun Runner-up Award,” were decided.

 Footage recorded of the cooking and assessment during the “Cooking Battle Final Stage” is scheduled to be broadcast as a special program on KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting on August 28 (Sat.).

 In Yamaguchi Prefecture where Yamaguchi Operations is located, Taiyo Oil will continue to carry out various community-based contribution activities such as these, which foster a zest for living and support growth for the children who will lead the next generation.

Overview of Final Stage

Date and time

 Sunday, August 1


 Yamaguchi Health Center (in the Yamaguchi General Health Hall, Yoshikishimo-higashi 3-1-1, Yamaguchi)


 ・Hideo Kumon, Executive Officer & Yamaguchi Operations General Manager, Taiyo Oil Co., Ltd.

 ・Hideharu Muraoka, Head Chef of Tonkou Chinese Restaurant

 ・Makiko Nishikawa (cooking advisor for “Nekketsu Terebi” Yamaguchi Broadcasting television show)

Scheduled broadcast of television special

 August 28, 2021 (Sat.), 10:30 a.m. to 11:25 a.m. (scheduled), KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting

Scenes of the four teams of children that made it to the Final Stage

“Baseball bento for older brother who is the best”

“Travel-the-world bento”

“Here-come-the-pirates meal”

“Grow up quickly and healthily! Weaning bento for Ryu-chan”