Holding of "Taiyo Oil Presents Shimanami Little - May Springtime Exploration -"


 Once again this year, Taiyo Oil (President & CEO: Yutaka Oka) has been supporting the “Shimanami Outdoor School,” which carries of outdoor-experience education activities and is hosted by “Imabari Yume Sports K.K.,” as a partner of the school. This year, which marks the second year of the activities, the school is scheduled to hold a program for first through third-grade elementary school students under the title of “Taiyo Oil Presents Shimanami Little” in four installments. The first installment of the activities was recently held on May 21 (Sat.).

 For the activities on this occasion, which were titled “May Springtime Exploration,” 24 first through third-grade elementary school students of Ehime Prefecture went hiking with the aim of reaching the peak of Chikamiyama, which is in Imabari City. Chikamiyama is a mountain with an elevation of 244 meters, and it is designated as being part of Setonaikai National Park. From an observatory that is close to the summit, it is possible to gaze out at Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge and the beautiful islands of Shimanami Kaido Road.

 On this occasion, the children who participated in the activities walked along a mountain path, and thoroughly enjoyed the springtime mountain by collecting objects from nature and descending a cliff using a rope for “ninja training.” Furthermore, the children walked while wearing an eye mask for a “blindfolded walk,” and thus were able to experience nature with senses other than just sight.

 During the walk toward the summit, a feeling of unity appeared to steadily develop among the children, and they could be seen naturally extending helping hands to each other at steep parts of the path. In the end, with the help of such teamwork, all of the participants successfully reached the target destination, Chikamiyama Observatory.

 The initiative of “Shimanami Little” has been given the theme of “learning about the relationship between nature and oneself through activities in natural settings.” Taiyo Oil will support these activities throughout the year in the hope that they will serve as opportunities for children to take an interest in the natural environment.

Event outline


 Taiyo Oil Presents Shimanami Little – May Springtime Exploration –


 May 21 (Sat.), 2022


 Chikamiyama (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture)


 24 first through third-grade elementary school students of Ehime Prefecture

Scenes of the activities

Walking on mountain path (while mutually extending helping hands at steep areas)

Scene from “blindfolded walk”

Having lunch while gazing out at beautiful scenery of Shimanami Kaido Road
(Chikamiyama Observatory)

Group photo